The wedding of JB  and Em – and the silk dress

You know that super special fabric in your stash? It’s beautiful, hard to sew, and terrifying.  Sometimes you need a special occasion to make you use it.  My big brother finally found a girl perfect to marry him, and bam.  It was a perfect match.  How gorgeous are they?


This was Burda 06/2013 #103, which was fairly simple in terms of design, but perfect for flowing Drapey fabrics.  Pretty right? It’s not something I would usually have considered, but breastfeeding makes a perfect fit across the bust very difficult to obtain.  Turns out I LOVE it.


The only thing that was irritating about this pattern was facings.  I prefer full lining.  That is all.


No alterations whatsoever.  Crazy right? When I did the muslin the loose fit meant I could skip an FBA, and the only alteration I need to do still is a SAA (short arse adjustment).  I did crazy last minute hemming and it’s still a little long.  Apparently while a petite Burda pattern, the petite ladies are 6 foot tall.  Also, I might have guessed at where to sew the thigh slit on the lining, and it was a wee bit higher than I expected.  Hello Brunswick!


This BEAUTIFUL fabric was a silk georgette from Tessuti, with the lining a silk crepe de chine from both Emmaonesock and Tessuti.  I bought four yards from Emmaonesock, which I assume I cut out poorly as I ran out of fabric and had to buy another 1.5 yards from Tessuti.  


This was a damn labour of love.   There is an inverse relationship between how often I will wear a garment and how much time I spend sewing it.  So every seam line was thread traced, every seam then hand basted, and then French seamed.  The zip was lapped and put in by hand.  

Hand basting is the way to go, it’s so much faster than unpicking and doesn’t take as long as you would imagine.  Yet thread tracing seam allowances seemed to take forever.  Go figure.


The Tiny hem tutorial from poppykettle was as usual, a life saver.  I hemmed this whole dress the morning of the wedding, no stress (SO MUCH STRESS).  But considering a week before I still hadn’t cut out three skirt panels I win at life.  Not so much at sleep.

The other resource I used was the Susan khalje craftsy course.  More for general sewing skills than specific things.  I have a giant lady crush on this woman.

Overall rating?

I’m only wearing silk crepe de chine going forward.  It feels like a hugs all the time.  And it’s perfect for twirling in.


17 thoughts on “The wedding of JB  and Em – and the silk dress

  1. Perfect Sarah – absolutely gorgeous & looks like so much fun – congratulations on using the special fabric for such a special occasion & dress 😉

  2. Kat @ House of Lane says:

    You look beautiful! I love that fabric. Silk is so beautiful to wear. If only it was a little easier to sew.

    • You know it’s the washing that puts me off more than anything. Nearly everything in our house goes through the exact same wash cycle. Hand wash is the kiss of death in this house

  3. bimbleandpimble says:

    Sarah, this is freaking AMAZING! So much lovelieness- the fabric is divine and the attention to detail rad. You look smashing!

  4. Emma Hitchens says:

    Wow you must be so proud making a dress as amazing as this! It looks absolutely fantastic on you. Great wedding pic of your friends too!

  5. Beauteous!!!!! On so many levels – I simply must buy this pattern, the pleats and the leg split is perfection. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing you in this at frocktails!!

  6. Jenny says:

    Holy smokes this is a smashing dress! You have well and truly done justice to that beautiful fabric. And a floor length gown just screams GLAMOUR, doesn’t it?! You look amazing!

  7. So, so SO beautiful!! I love that you showed a close up of your tiny hem; first of all, that hem is PERFECT, and you should blow that pic up and frame it! But when I saw the texture of the georgette I got butterflies in my tummy – which is slightly embarrassing but whatever! LOL.

    You know when you get that moment of OMG when you shell out a ridiculous amount of coin for a fabric, and then it sits there forever, because you agonize over what to make with it because you spent so much and it’s SOOOO pretty? And then when you do wear it it’s all you ever want to wear because it makes you feel SOOOO amazing? That is what makes it ALL worthwhile, and obviously it was worth it in your case!! 🙂

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