FO: The elsa dress from Jalie 3460 bella fit and flare

Firstly, hello! I know it’s been a long time between posts, but life you know?  I thought I’d ease back into blogging, after frocktails in Melbourne, it’s easy to get excited about our community more.  Sewing nerds FTW.

So here is a little selfless sewing I’ve done recently, it was our little Snorks fourth birthday (crazy right?) and like every single small person, she is obsessed with frozen.  Like every feminist mother, I cringe at the ‘princessness’ (also shoutout to my amazing friend Jen who gave Snork Goldieblocks- she’s all about empowering our little ladies with STEM). 

This year, oh it’s different, I’ve made her frozen dress.  It’s comfortable, which means so horrible glitter tulle directly on skin, no low cut bits.  When you get down to it, what she really wants is the ability to twirl, and a bit of sparkle.  And really, that’s a completely reasonable request.  And a cape.  Also very reasonable.  I like all of these things in an outfit myself.  

The new Jalie pattern was PERFECT.  It twirls, it’s got long sleeves (perfect for winter) and sparkles without shedding glitter all over the place.  Everybody wins.



4 thoughts on “FO: The elsa dress from Jalie 3460 bella fit and flare

    • It’s quite long, but I went on the chest measurement and ignored the ages. It fits really well but this fabric is all dance stretch sparkle stuff. I’d think about sizing up buy shortening next time so they can get a bit more wear out of it

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