Friday five

These guys write my favourite 5 blogs that I follow. These guys are all regular bloggers, and many of my “starred” posts in Reeder (projects on the list to sew) are theirs.

Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing

Everybody loves Gertie, her no-nonsense approach to sewing and upskilling from learning how to sew, to writing her own book! No only will you learn heaps from Gertie, but you also get the warm fuzzy updates on her excellent cat, Henry.

Male Pattern Boldness

Follow the adventures of Peter, Michael, Cousin Cathy and their dogs (so tiny with a tiny little treadmill to match). My favourite to think about men’s tailoring, old fashions, vintage sewing machines and very strangely, old hollywood films.

You & Mie

Cherie and her gorgeous daughter have inspirational outfits and fantastic styling for her homemade creations. And the homemade nursery wall decals are a fantastic idea. Especially if you rent. Or have children who lick walls.

Made By Rae

Rae does very easy to follow tutorials, and my favourite thing about Rae right now? Encouraging everyone to get over their fear of sewing with knits.

Julia Bobbin

A fellow melbourne dweller, but WOW. Have you seen what this girl makes? Check out her copy of the Pippa Middleton dress and die for it.


Why bloggers create free tutorials and patterns

Many sewing bloggers create free sewing tutorials and patterns for two reasons. The first is to generate traffic and interest for their blog, and the second is to build trust with their readers about their ability to create good patterns (and thus may purchase patterns).

Should I make my own free pattern?
What’s the worst that could happen? If you have made something through your own creativity then share it! It’s great practice to see if you enjoy pattern making, and the Internet can learn from your experience!