How to self bind a quilt

Most quilts these days are finished with bias binding, and there are many amazing tutorials on how to do this.  This is how to self bind a quilt, by using the backing and the border fabric to be the finished edge of the quilt.  The upside of this technique is that it’s easy, and there aren’t any corners to mitre (my pet peeve).  The downside is the edge will wear easier than if you used bias binding.

Here’s a quick how to.  I’m going to experiment with different corner finishes eventually.

At the corners, fold over the edges and neatly tuck them in.


Why bloggers create free tutorials and patterns

Many sewing bloggers create free sewing tutorials and patterns for two reasons. The first is to generate traffic and interest for their blog, and the second is to build trust with their readers about their ability to create good patterns (and thus may purchase patterns).

Should I make my own free pattern?
What’s the worst that could happen? If you have made something through your own creativity then share it! It’s great practice to see if you enjoy pattern making, and the Internet can learn from your experience!