Made by Rae baby tights

Is it possible to practise for a sewing plan?  Absolutely.  Reading Megan Nielsens’ design blog, this paragraph really struck home the futility of some of my endeavours.  Why not do it properly the first time?

I find it really frustrating when I come across home sewers who declare themselves to be “self taught”, and yet have no understanding of standard techniques. What they really mean is “I figured it out on my own”. Teaching yourself is a completely different thing to making up your own methods.

Years ago a friend Stevie and I did a beginners class with threadden in Melbourne and we practised techniques.   So in constructing my sewing plan, I’m going to try and make something using similar fabric or techniques for my daughter.  The idea is to use less fabric, and if it gets ruined, no matter and if it works R gets a new piece of kit.  Everyone’s a winner.

Introducing the Made By Rae baby tights.

Look at the cute baby bum!

The pattern wasn’t really designed for a 9mo baby, and so in sizing it up the key error of not making it wider occurred. Little known fact is babies DO actually get fatter.  R is in cloth nappies which added bulk at the back but not at the front.

This was a very stretchy knit jersey which wasn’t very tricky to sew.  Unlike all the advice in the books and interwebs I didn’t use a ballpoint needle (but will in the future I promise) but using the overlocking stitch it looked lovely.  Would still be nice to have an overlocker to finish the edges nicely but it’s not in the budget.  I clearly don’t do the budget.

Ahhh, sewing super stretchy fabric and doing an enclosed elastic waistband.  Not difficult, but done properly.  No half-assing.  Not related to the leggings, but also practised doing this finish on necklines on a faux t-shirt.  Different stitches, different widths and also rolled hems.  Another surprise practice technique was matching stripes as horizontal stripes have been a fashion fear around here.  One’s mother said they make you look fatter.  Rubbish.

Future learnings?
There is a reason socks have little heel bits.  These tights do not have those and bunch up around the ankles.  Cloth nappies create additional junk in baby trunks.  Remember to measure the baby while she’s awake rather than trying to creep in and measure her asleep.    Don’t be afraid to “waste fabric” practicing.  You waste more on being unhappy with a poorly made finished product.


Spring Ruffle Top

Summer top with ruffles, bit late for summer wear…This fantastic top is a Made by Rae creation, using her Spring Ruffle top tutorial found here.  If you haven’t checked out Rae’s fantastic sewing blog, it’s well worth it.  Her patterns are easy to follow and super cute.