Back from holidays and ready to sew!

Phew, I’m back from holidays, and am busy getting the store back on track, us back on track, and to make it easier – we’re all fighting killer colds.  Those who follow me on twitter would have *heard* me whining about losing my voice.  I think my husband is secretly delighted.

Online store

While I was away my brother looked after the online store which was super great of him while also slightly bewildering.  Perhaps only a sewer can pick up an inventory system based on pattern names…. John is the co-founder of an awesome internet startup called Goodfilms, which is a very fancy maths and social movie ratings and recommendation site.  He’s a very clever cookie so he worked it all out.

Stock levels got a little low, so everything has been re-ordered and will arrive soon.

Crafty shopping

Very little of that happened as we were either too busy doing stuff, or at homebase being jetlagged or otherwise.  The only fabric that came home with me was just over a metre of this union jack print, which is going to be made into some cushions.  I get very sentimental about the UK, and it comes out in home furnishings ok?  We also have a nice print of Southport as a holiday destination.  Which I always find amusing as the british seaside…if bloody freezing.  Personally, it’s not swimming weather if it’s under 30 degrees centigrade.

Small person coping with international travel

This little possum was great.  A little jetlagged each way which is to be expected and aside from getting two new teeth (why now?  It’s been MONTHS between teeth) she was an angel.  Tip for the brave souls doing international flights with an infant?  Take more than 3 jumpsuits on the flight.  Oh, and don’t bother with taking a book or hand sewing.  You won’t have time for that.

Hand sewing

For the first time english paper piecing was tried, I even took a photo of the instructions to refer to if needed.  These are two inch (across each side) hexagons, with the butterfly prints cut from a charm pack and the cream and pale green are from my stash.  There will be a post separately on this soon as help is needed to decide on a final design.


Not long after returning Rachel came over and gave me some lovely little seedlings for the garden, which have been planted already and are thriving.  Being so inspired by the garden having grown while we were away, I’ve dug out another quarter of our front rock garden, and turned it into garden bed.  Just another two metres of tree stumps and the previously concrete and rock bed will be veggie patch.