The maternity saltspring frocktails dress

So it’s the Tuesday before social sewing, my order hasn’t shipped, and I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to make my frocktails dress without social sewing. What’s a girl to do?

Buy more fabric of course!

On the Thursday I invested in 3 metres of the beautiful drapey polyester (crazy hot in summer I’m sure, but sooo slinky). On Friday my order showed up. Of course.

Maternity saltspring

Fate had a beautiful hand in that I actually prefer my last minute back up fabric!
Back maternity saltspring

I wore this to the amazing Frocktails event hosted by Kat at Longrain in Melbourne, and it was such an fun night. Melbournians are renowned for tending to dress in black, so it was hilarious to see most the restaurant in muted colours, and then three tables of fantastic prints and bold colours and striking designs! You rock ladies!

I was very slack and forgot to take photos, and was a little tired and shy for the night. In the morning I woke up and was full of regret, there were so many questions and conversations not had! Anyway, if you want to see some photos, Melanie (poppykettle) took heaps and other bloggers have lots popping up around the place.

Due to the epic tired, I didn’t get any dress photos on the night (it got hemmed at 5.25, when I had to leave by 6pm!), so I’ve recreated the outfit I wore (less makeup and hair).

Out on the town saltspring maternity classy

Also due to the epic tired, the washing is still a little out of control, so this dress came out for playgroup on Wednesday as well with a cardigan and flip flow. I think it works perfectly well for both, but feel free to disagree with me on this point.

Maternity saltspring

playgroup PLaygroup
I’ll do another construction post later, where I’ll detail the alterations I made to make a maternity version, but simple summary is as follows
-The lining of the dress is using a knit fabric with plenty of stretch, to allow for bust changes
-The straps were cut as one piece and made much wider to cover bra straps
-the waistline of the front and back was lifted just over 2″, although in the future I would probably lift the back even further as it dips down a little
Back detail maternity saltspring
– the skirt front was cut with an additional wedge of fabric at centrefold, narrowing down to nothing at the hem
-The skirt front was also cut with a longer hem at the centre front, reducing as it got closer to the side seams.
-with the additional width of the skirt front, I gathered that piece slightly when attaching it to the bodice
-eliminated the back zip

The waistline was the really crucial adjustment for this to work as a maternity dress, and to illustrate the point, please note the altered waistline, and where my waistline once upon a time existed.
Maternity saltspring waistline

This is going to be a TNT maternity pattern for the hot Australian summer, especially (spoiler for people who haven’t procreated yet) when I can’t reach my legs to shave them!