I’m taking the Seamless Pledge!

That’s it, I’m going to do it.  I’m undertaking the seamless pledge, with a little twist.

I Sarah of SewSquirrel am taking the #seamlesspledge until August 2013. http://bit.ly/tktV04.  With the exception of underthings.  And for every item of clothing I buy new fabric for, at least one new item must be made from my fabric stash.

The lovely Elena of Seamless has even given us some pretty prescriptive rules….


  1. No buying new clothes for the duration of your pledge. By new, I mean any new mass-manufactured clothes.
  2. You can buy second-hand manufactured clothes – so be prepared to get to know your local charity shops awfully well.
  3. Vintage clothing is a-ok!
  4. Anything you’ve made by hand is definitely allowed. Get your sewing machines and your kntting needles out, because handmade is definitely in!
  5. Get involved! Join in on the Flickr group and like our Facebook page.

The twist is to use some of my fabric stash as well – Sarai of Colette Patterns made an interesting point the other day about getting into good sewing habits, and I’m going to incorporate her challenge to use my stash as well!

You know what the really strange thing is?  I think I’ve actually been doing this for awhile now without even thinking about it.  Previously I worked right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD and shopping is just what everyone does at lunchtime.  Being at home with a little one, and living within walking distance to 4 op shops (you heard me, 4.  The only thing we have to rival op shops is pizza shops of which our little burb also has 4) it’s been easier to not buy clothes new.  I’ve got my favourite well fitting brands as saved searches Ebay, and sewing is something I’ve always loved, and finally had the opportunity to do more of.

On that note I’d better get sewing, I need a “new” skirt!