The Shelley bra

So if you see me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve been making a variety of bras.  The first three I’ve made are all the Shelley bra by bra makers supply.

I’ve been doing the craftsy classes by Beverley Johnston, and they are amazing.  Except…..the one thing is the sizing caveat about small chests and large breasts is in the fitting…not in the measuring part.  I guess this could fall under that annoying thing of watching/reading all the instructions first….blah blah blergh.

As a result, my first Shelley bra, is Waaay too small.  I think I cut a 36b? Too be expected the first one was not to fit, and the stitching was….interesting….

The second one fit beautifully once I had gotten to that sizing nugget.  Version two (in red) was a 38E.  

It’s much higher across the top of the bust than I expected, but it is a pin up girl pattern.  It’s also AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE.  So I made another. And then…another 🙂 turns out this style is much more suitable for my bust size, just got to make it fancy and pretty 😀

So the 4th Shelley bra, is a foam cup covered in a dusky rose pink silk with a chocolate bra kit and findings.  I totally cheated with the whole covering business, my MO is to use light quilt basting spray all over the duoplex (cups and frame) then lay the silk over the top.  

I have to figure a way to photograph these on- but it’s obviously a very personal item to blog! Next on the to blog list is the Boylston bra and Montgomery undies (which my ipad keeps autocorrecting to BoysTown bra lol)